Olivetti expands its products and services portfolio for business solutions.

Olivetti has built up its largest and diverse portfolio of products to target the business, IT, retail. education, banking and gaming markets.
Its business product range offers a wide choice of both colour and mono black A3 and A4 MFP’s, along with other desktop solutions to suit any type of business printing, copying and document management applications.
It has introduced a successful range of 10″-15″ laptops, Android 7″ and 10″ touch tablet PC’s and a wide range of interactive digital whiteboards which have a multiple use in educational and business training programmes.
Olivetti is a world leading supplier of pass-book printers, readers and scanners to major world banks and building societies. It also provides self-service ATM solutions and display equipment.
One of its most recent and unusual solutions is the new OliTouch, a digital filing cabinet for documents. By touching a screen it speeds up and simplifies operations, the process immediately retrieves and manages documents without any long and complicated searches through the archives. Users can either save information to their own server or as an infinite number of documents to the cloud. It even has an option to e-mail documents to its 3rd party postal provider to print, fold, fill envelope, frank and send out.
Olivetti’s ranges are available only through dealers and distributor networks within the UK.


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