How to clean print nozzles on print head ink cartridges

If an ink cartridge hasn’t been used in a while the nozzles on the print head can dry out and block the ink from coming through onto the paper.

*PLEASE NOTE: The following is only suitable for ink cartridges with an integrated print head.

To remedy the problem you need to clear the dried ink from the nozzles. To do this perform the following steps:cleaning-nozzles-step-1

Step 1 - Remove the ink cartridge from the printer CAUTION! DO NOT touch the gold contact area of the cartridge (illustrated in the picture on the right as a white rectangle) or the contact area of the cartridge carriage with your fingers when removing the cartridge.

Step 2 - Dampen a clean cloth, kitchen towel or cotton bud with warm water, and gently wipe the nozzles which are located on the underside of the cartridge. Wipe in one direction only. *TIP: using a clean-nozzles-step-2light solvent such as nail polish remover or white spirit works better than water.

Step 4 – Reinstall the print cartridge and perform the nozzle test.

Step 5 – If the print quality after the first nozzle test is good the process is complete. If the ink is coming through but in bad quality, print off a random document followed by a nozzle check. If there is no ink coming through onto the paper, continue to step 6.

Step 6 – Remove the cartridge from the printer. Fill a tray or bowl will 1cm of warm water and place the cartridge in an upright in the water (so the print head is submerged in the water) for a few hours. Take the cartridge out every half an hour and wipe the print head nozzles as described in step 2, then replace the cartridge in the water.

Step 7 – Remove the cartridge from the water. Wipe with a clean cloth and leave to dry for a few minutes before reinstalling in the printer and performing a nozzle test.

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