How to change ink cartridge in Sharp UX-B series fax machines


Step 1 – press ink-button on the fax machine control panel. Make sure the handset is on its cradle. If the handset is not on the cradle, pressing ink-buttonwill have no effect.


Step 2 – Open the operation panel. ux-b60-step2




Step 3 – Open the print compartment cover.ux-b60-step-3




Step 4 – Remove only the tape from the new cartridge. ux-b60-step-4Important: Make sure you remove all of the tape. CAUTION! DO NOT touch the gold contact area on the cartridge.




Step 5 – Make sure the cartridge holder has moved slightly away from the right side of the compartment, and then pull the green lever and open ux-b60-step-5the cartridge holder cover. If you are replacing the cartridge, remove the old cartridge. If you are going to use the old cartridge again, place it in an air-tight container.

CAUTION! DO NOT touch the contact area inside the cartridge holder, or pull on the cable that is connected to the cartridge holder. Note: If the print compartment cover is left open for approximately 30 minutes with a cartridge installed, the cartridge will automatically return to its home position. To make the cartridge return to the cartridge replacement position when this has happened, pressink-button.

Step 6 – Insert the new print cartridge into the cartridge holder.ux-b60-step-6





Step 7 - Place your index finger on the tab as shown and close the ux-b60-step-7cartridge holder cover with your thumb. Make sure the cover clicks into place.




Step 8 – Close the print compartment cover.ux-b60-step-8




Step 9 – Close the operation panel, pressing downux-b60-step-9 firmly to make sure it clicks into place.




Step 10 – Press ink-button to make the print cartridge holder return to its home position.

Step 11 – Press button-1 (NEW) if the cartridge you installed is new. Press button-2 (OLD) if the cartridge you installed is old.


Step 12 – If you selected “OLD” in the previous step, this completes the installation procedure. (Note: If you find that print quality is not satisfactory after reinstalling the old cartridge, align the cartridge as explained in this article).

If you selected “NEW”, the display will show the alternating messages at right. Continue with the following steps to align the print cartridge.

Step 13 – Press button-1to print an alignment page. (To enter an alignment value without printing an alignment page, press button-2).

Step 14 - In the alignment page that the machine prints, locate the line that comes closest to forming a completely straight line.


Step 15 – Press the number keys to enter the number of the straightest line. Example: button-1-5. If you make a mistake press button-stop and then repeat the entry.

Step 16 – Press button-memory and this complete the alignment process.

These installation notes are specificially for the Sharp UX-B60 fax machine which uses Sharp UX-C70B ink cartridges. They can however be used as a guide for all the Sharp UX-B series fax machines including all sharp fax machine which use the UX-C70B and sharp UX-C80B ink cartridges. These fax machines include the following:

Sharp UX-BD90 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-BD80RA ink cartridges
Sharp UX-BD80 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-BA50RA ink cartridges
Sharp UX-BA50 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B700 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B60H ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B35CN ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B30RA ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B30H ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B30CN ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B30 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B20CN ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B20 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B1600 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B15 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-A1000 ink cartridges
Sharp FOB-1600 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B800 ink cartridges
Sharp UX-B800 fax cartridges
Sharp UX-BS60 ink cartridges
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