How to align ink cartridge in Sharp UX-B series fax machines

These cartridge alignment instuctions are specific to the Sharp UX-B60 fax machine but can be used a guide for all Sharp UX-B series fax machines which use the Sharp UX-C70B ink cartridges and Sharp UX-C80B ink cartridges.

If print quality is not satisfactory, first try aligning the print cartridge. Note: Make sure that paper is loaded before beginning this procedure.

Step 1 – Press button-f button once and button-up button twice.


Step 2 – Press button-right once and then button-up twice.


Step 3 – Press button-right once.


Step 4 – Press button-1 to print an alignment page (to enter a value with printing an alignment page press button-2).

Step 5 – In the alignment page that the machine prints, locate the line that comes closest to forming a completely straight line.


Step 6 – Press the number keys to enter the number of the straightest line. Example: button-1-5

Step 7 – Press button-memory


Step 8 – Press button-stop to return to the date and time display.

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