HP 364 ink cartridges explained

HP 364 ink cartridges are a very popular cartridge series used in a number of HP’s newest range of Photosmart printers. There are no less than 10 different HP 364 ink cartridges, including the XL (high capacity) versions. This makes choosing the right cartridges for your printer rather confusing. The best way to find the correct HP 364 ink for your printer is to use our HP printer ink wizard.

Photo Black or not?

HP 364 Photo Black

HP 364 Photo Black

Most confusion arises from the fact that there are two HP 364 black cartridges – the 364 Black and a 364 Photo Black. While all printers use the 364 Black, not all use the 364 Photo Black. The way to determine if your printer uses a photo black is to count the number of slots it has available for ink cartridges. Printers with four cartridges slots DO NOT use a 364 Photo Black cartridge, they only use the normal Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow cartridges. Printers with five available slots for ink cartridge use the HP 364 Photo Black as well as the normal Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow 364 inks.

Should I be using the 364XL ink cartridges?
The depends entirely on how much printing you’re doing. The advantage of the XL or high capacity 364 inks are that they cost less in a cost per page printed ratio and offer good value for those printing high volumes. On average the HP 364XL ink cartridges print twice as many pages as the standard capacity HP 364 inks but they cost less than twice as much, therefore offering a saving. If you use standard capacity 364 inks and find that you’re changing the cartridges a little more frequently than you’d like to, HP 364XLs may be a good solution for you. Or if you do a lot of black printing buy a XL Black and standard capacity colours.

HP 364xl multipack

HP 364xl multi-pack

Using HP 364 XL ink cartridges is still possible even if you don’t print in high volumes on a regular basis. The only problem you may encounter is the cartridges may dry out if left installed in the printer, unused for long periods of time. To avoid this we recommend printing something off a least once every two weeks, this is a good rule to follow for all types of inkjet cartridges and printers.

Are compatible HP 364 ink cartridges available?
At the time of writing compatible HP 364 ink cartridges are not available (at least not ones with chips installed). However we have been nagging our suppliers for the last six months and they have informed us that HP 364 compatible inks will be available by the end of April, and provided they pass our print quality and reliability tests we will be offering them in a range of multi-packs. The compatibles will be the XL versions, so they will be offering the best possible value for money and they’re estimated to cost half the price of the genuine HP 364XL ink cartridges, while offering the same print yield.

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