How to change Sagem PhoneFax 4840 ink film roll

In order for the Sagem PhoneFax 4840 to receive or copy documents a suitable ink film must be installed. The Sagem PhoneFax 4840 uses the TTR480 ink film rolls which are capable of printing 140 documents. When you puchase the fax machine it comes with a free ‘trial’ ink film which will only print a few pages before needing to be replaced with a TTR480 ink roll. The icons: on the fax machine’s display show how much ink film has been used and how much is left. The ink film consumption information is stored on the removable Plug’n'Print card. Each TTR-480 ink roll comes complete with a new Plug’n'Print card which must be installed with each ink roll change. The only instance in which the fax machine will only work without a Plug’n'Print card is with the ‘trial’ ink film, supplied when the machine was puchased. If the Plug’n'Print card is missing or if it is not replaced the message CHANGE CARD appears on the display. If the ink film is finished or if there is no ink film in the fax machine, the red display lamp flashes, and the following message appears: REFILL INKFILM.

1. Before changing the Sagem PhoneFax 4840 ink film roll first you must remove the paper from the paper feed mechanism.

2. To gain access to the ink film compartment, open the fax machine by lifting the front operating panel in the centre until it locks into the upward position.

sagem phonefax 4840 step 23. Remove the used ink roll by lifting the rear ink film roll holding both sides with your index fingers, in order to remove it out of its seat and place it next to the front ink film roll.

sagem phonefax 4840 step 34. Lift the small ink roll and Remove both ink film rolls. Dispose of the used ink film as it cannot be reused. Notes: The messages and copies you have printed out can be read from used ink films. Consider data protection issues when disposing of used ink films.

sagem phonefax 4840 step 45. Remove the old Plug’n'Print card from its housing on the left-hand side of the ink film compartment (only the initial free ink film does not have a Plug’n'Print card).

sagem phonefax 4840 step 56. Remove the elastic bands from the new ink roll. Be carefull not to damage the ink film when removeing the packaging, rips and tears can cause issues with printing once installed in the machine.

sagem phonefax 4840 step 67. Place the larger ink roll in the slots at the back of the fax machine in the ink film compartment. The blue cog wheel must be on the right-hand side.

sagem phonefax 4840 step 78. Now take the small roll and place it in the front ink film compartment. Make sure that the blue cog wheel is on the right and the pin on the left is inserted in the depressions.

sagem phonefax 4840 step 89. Turn small roll forward to tension the ink film. Make sure that the ink film is not creased as this will cause the the ink film to stick to the paper and be pulled through the paper feeder when printing.

sagem phonefax 4840 step 910. Break out the new Plug’n'Print card from its outer housing and insert it in the slot to the left of the ink film compartments.

sagem phonefax 4840 step 1011. Close the fax machine by pressing down front panel, until it locks in the close position.

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