How To Install Ink Film Roll In Panasonic KXFP218 Fax Machine

These instructions are suitable for installing both original Panasonic KXFP218 ink film rolls and compatible Panasonic KXFP218 ink film rolls.

Notes: The messages and copies you have printed out can be read from used ink films. Consider data protection issues when disposing of used ink films.

1. Open the front cover by lifting the top of panel forward.

2. Open the back cover by pressing down the green button on the right hand side (1).

3. Lift the back cover to gain access to the ink film installed in the fax machine.

4. Remove the old ink film roll from the device. The used ink film cannot be reused so can be thrown away. Insert the blue gear of the new ink film roll into the front left slot of the unit (2) and the white gear of the ink film roll into the rear left slot of the unit (3). The ink film is safe to touch and will not rub off on your hands like carbon paper. Make sure the blue gear (2) and white gear (3) are installed as shown.

5. Turn the blue gear (4) in the direction of the arrow until the ink film is tight (5) and at least one layer of ink film is wrapped around the blue core (6).

6. Close the back cover securely by pushing down on the dotted area at both ends (7). Then Close the front cover securely.

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